Testimonials from verified users


Mary G. (from Surfside, SC) –The insect repellent really works!

Jodi Ryba (Pawleys Island, SC)- I used it with 20 girls camping, it was fantastic, especially against no-see-ums and mosquitoes.

Sarah M (North Myrtle Beach, SC) – Used on my children and not one bite!

Melanie K (Sunset Beach, NC)- This insect repellent works awesome. Took my kids camping, not one bite.

Linda L. (Hickory, NC)- The bug repellent spray was awesome. Protected me and my grandchildren. Thanks.

Cathy and George (Canada)- This repellent really works and bugs love us.

Sylvia Davis (Fayetteville, NC) – Organic bug spray works well-smells great!

Janet S. (Ocean Isle, NC) – Great product! My daughter is at camp and loves the repellent. It works!

Ann Marie (Sunset Beach, NC) – Every time I use the no-seeum (Authentic Pawleys Life) spray, they stay away. When I forget to spray, I am attacked by the mosquitoes and eaten alive. I love Authentic Pawleys Life (insect repellent)

L. Neumann (Goose Creek, SC)- Insect spray works great.

Lynn Leake (Sunset Beach, NC)- Love it!

Aaron L. (Philadelphia, PA)- While at a federal training academy, an instructor recommended I try the (Authentic Pawleys Life) bug repellent. It worked great! No bugs the rest of the day!

Note: the instructor was from Georgia.

Emily Shea (Sunset Beach, NC) – Mosquitoes love me, if this works I will tell everyone!! (IT WORKS). The next week I had several people waiting for me to set up my booth because Emily told them how well it worked.

Michael Roberts (Dean of Science, Coastal Carolina). I used it last night and Yes, it kept the bugs away.

Alaina Edwards (Cherry Grove, SC) IT WORKS and I use it on me and my son, who is 3. And it is potent, stays fresh in the bottle, even after 6 mos of being in the car.

Kim Wether – (Ocean Isle, NC) I work at Winds, an outdoor bar near the beach. My customers get eaten alive and I give them Authentic Pawleys Life insect repellent. They are able to stay, relax and enjoy their evening.

Ben Verville (Pawleys Island, SC) I prefer the balm because I surf. It is waterproof and lasts! NO more no-see-ums.

Margie Palombella (Sunset Beach, NC)- I have tried many bug sprays. APL works great to keep the bugs from biting me and my family. Including the terrible no-see-ums. IT’s WONDERFUL.

Penny Keyes (Ocean Isle, NC)- I help with the nesting turtles and the no-see-ums and mosquitoes are horrible early in the morning. APL spray keeps these bugs away!

Rhonda Peace (Surfside Beach, SC) I took your perfect bug spray to Grenada in January. What a blessing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

Bob Thompson (Pawleys Island, SC) Bug Spray by Mary is the BEST. I have tried them all. Nothing else works!!! Try it, you will be “drinking the wine”.

Liz (Calabash, NC and Connecticut) Love the bug spray, the smell is delicious! We were not bothered by one bug at all! Never buy another store bought bug spray ever!

Margie Palombella It is the BEST and it works wonderfully!

Lisa G. (Murrells Inlet, SC) Love the bug repellent! It WORKS! I never leave home without it! Great for the gnats at the beach.

Joan Wood (Brookgreen volunteer) Great product. Even works with no-see-ums. Use at Brookgreen in Gardening.

Vivian B. Great product! Love the smell and love the relief from the pests.

Cindy W. (Raleigh, NC) Works fantastic!!! Playing golf, gardening, fishing, use it all the time. No more bug bites!! Love it!!